Learn SMART!
Strategies to Maximize Achievement, Resources & Tools.

Educators will learn how to work smarter, not harder by merging expertise into one unified system structure.

Proactive co-planning techniques will provide the specially designed instruction required for all learners to access curriculum. 



to build relationships, maximize communication, and discover the roles and responsibilities of each co-teacher.


to create a highly engaged inclusive classroom to provide all learners  with appropriate emotional and academic support.


instructional time with proactive planning for specially designed instruction integrating the co-teaching approaches to individualize instruction.


of the best strategies, tips and techniques for reflection and assessment of your co-teaching model.


for all learners (students and teachers) through successful implementation and maintenance of this service delivery model

10 Reasons To Attend

This seminar will excite and motivate you to take your co‐teaching to the next level.


Discovering effective communication strategies to build and nurture relationships


Utilizing the expertise of each teacher to provide students with access to the general curriculum


Creating a positive, emotional  learning environment that values diversity


Self assessing to evaluate and reflect on your current co-teaching practices


Understanding  the five co-teaching approaches to drive instruction



Developing your planning process to meet student needs by proactively integrating specially designed instruction


Learning to differentiate instruction based on student needs and interests


Identifying total participation techniques for student engagement for all learners.


Exploring the essential components of successful co-teaching


Expanding your Co-Teaching Resource Toolkit for building expertise and increasing student achievement