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Co-Teaching Essentials (Quick Reference Guide)

What is co-teaching? What benefits does it provide for students and teachers? How can teachers make time in busy schedules for co-planning? Expert Susan Hentz answers these questions and more in Co-Teaching Essentials, an information-packed, must-have resource for all teachers.



Communication Strategies For Successful Co-Teaching (Quick Reference Guide)

A successful co-teaching partnership is built upon effective communication, and investing the time and effort to build, develop, and nurture that partnership can enhance teacher experiences and increase student achievement. In this reference guide, Susan Hentz offers nine useful, easy-to-implement activities designed to improve communication and strengthen the working relationship between co-teachers.


A-Z Strategies: Two Minute Active Learning Tools

Creating a highly-engaged classroom by utilizing active learning strategies can motivate every learner to be intellectually engaged. The A to Z two minute active learning strategies are practical, innovative, and highly effective in getting your learners actively engaged. Selected strategies are based upon core components of active engagement including: activating knowledge, building self-esteem, collaboration, synthesis, questioning, discussion, mastery, and movement.


Format: Digital
ISBN: ISBN 978-0-9790384-1-9 (PDF)
Published Date: 2017

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Collaborate SMART

$29.95 (CEC Member $24.95)

Collaborate Smart includes diverse time-saving tools including communication checklists, collaboration surveys, co-teaching implementation and planning forms, and evaluation tools to help educators promote collaborative practice to improve student outcomes.

Format: Paperback
ISBN: 0-86586-464-0
Published Date: 2011